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March 15, 2012

HPEV Hybrid Conversions to Feature Inverom’s Hybrid Electronic Controls Architecture and Touchscreen Center Console

(HPEV, Inc. has chosen world leader Inverom to engineer and produce the battery management, hybrid vehicle control modules and Center Console for HPEV’s electric load assist technology. The modules will be incorporated into HPEV’s initial hybrid conversion, a Ford F350 dually, as well as in all subsequent conversions to be performed by fleet owners and commercial dealers around the world. In addition to electric load assist, this conversion kit also gives all such equipped vehicles the capacity to perform as remote generators, supplying electric power to the job site or wherever needed.

The control modules will interact with existing vehicle features as well as HPEV technologies. Simply touching a screen will give drivers complete control over HPEV’s electric load assist, regulating the additional power delivered to the drive train and enabling vehicles to operate at maximum efficiency. The load assist technology takes advantage of the company’s patent-pending parallel vehicle platform, which enables any vehicle to operate using two forms of energy and HPEV’s thermal technology. Such thermal technology enables electric motors to generate up to 40% more power than any other motor of equivalent size on the market.

“HPEV’s parallel vehicle platform will be implemented first in class 3 to class 5 style platforms. HPEV’s technology is adaptable to any vehicle and any two forms of energy, whether hydrogen, electricity, natural gas or other fossil fuels. We have the makings of a generational plug-in hybrid conversion technology,” said Tim Hassett, Chairman and co-founder of HPEV. “As a result, there was one choice for cutting-edge control modules: Inverom.”

“HPEV’s innovative technical solution is a great option for the heavy-duty vehicle market,” said Roman Kuropas, Owner and CEO of Inverom. “The electric drive assist and extended range technology reduce the overall cost of ownership and significantly lower carbon emissions, which makes this project compelling to be a part of.”

“This is one of the most interesting projects that our team is currently working on, and we are expecting great results.” noted Pier Paolo Masutto, director of engineering. “Designing a hybrid electric vehicle would normally require 2-3 years, but thanks to HPEV’s unique and innovative approach, we expect to have a fully functioning demo after only 6 months.”

Once the initial commercialization conversion is complete, the vehicles should deliver —under full load, full passenger and full-duty cycles — from 5 gallons equivalent of fuel on the class 3 style vehicles to 10 gallons equivalent of fuel on class 5 style vehicles.

“HPEV’s technology is truly green since we are using foam-based, lead acid battery technology that’s 99% recyclable,” said Hassett. “If and when lithium ion ever becomes safe and cost-effective, we’ll use it. Until then, lithium ion doesn’t make sense. It takes 1,000 pounds of Li-ion to do the work of 1.5 gallons of fuel.”

“We expect the initial commercialization to demonstrate the environmental benefits of our hybrid conversion by enabling heavy-duty trucks to exceed 2030 CAFÉ’? standards right now,” continued Hassett. “This demonstration will prove the obvious economic benefits from significant fuel savings. Commercial adoption of our technology will also benefit from a short-term breakeven point for return on investment, thanks to our strict control of costs and utilization of existing technologies.”

HPEV expects to provide a live demonstration of its initial conversion in the summer of 2012. In the meantime, both companies see advantages in sharing the expertise and technologies each provides. As a result, they are exploring the formation of a deeper relationship beginning with the signing of mutual NDAs.

About Inverom Corporation: Inverom combines proven, advanced technical capabilities and expertise in vehicle integration and deployment. Inverom’s provides user interface, battery management and control solutions that deliver innovation, reliability and speed to market for its customers. Inverom is dedicated to serving the electronic and electrohydraulic needs of leading automotive, agriculture, construction, bus and truck OEMs.

About HPEV, Inc.: HPEV is a wholly owned subsidiary of Z3 Enterprises, Inc. HPEV technologies enable the conversion of existing vehicles into plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. HPEV's composite heat pipes quickly transfer thermal energy in any direction, even against the pull of gravity.

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