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For Immediate Release
January 4, 2011

New Oak Brook Corporation Brings Cutting-Edge Technology to the Driver's Seat

(Oak Brook, IL) Inverom Corporation, a company that develops cutting-edge electronic and user-interface systems and components, has recently relocated to Oak Brook, Illinois, from Burr Ridge.

"Relocating our headquarters to Oak Brook gives us close proximity to the Chicagoland area and its wealth of resources," said Roman Kuropas, president and CEO of the global company with offices in Europe and Asia. "We are pleased to join the well-established business community here."

The company recently won a contract to develop the first reconfigurable, touchscreen dashboard controls, or cockpits, for automobiles. Inverom's 17-inch haptic touchscreen will allow drivers of the Tesla S sedan to view and adjust dashboard instruments, such as heaters and radios, as easily as they now use smart phones or iPads.

Inverom also develops displays for the agriculture and construction industries and is working on applications that allow users to control home appliances from smart phones and computers.

The company has negotiated and secured more than $100 million in production contracts and $8 million in design, development, tooling and prototype contracts.

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