Product Photo

Roman M. Kuropas, Inverom founder and CEO

“I created this company to extend the capability of my customers. We help them achieve real user experience breakthroughs in their products — faster and more economically.”

Since 2005, Inverom has provided rugged electronic and electrohydraulic solutions to world-leading OEMs. Inverom is dedicated to serving the electronic and electrohydraulic needs of leading agriculture, construction, bus and truck OEMs. Our expertise in the automotive and heavy-equipment markets ensures that you receive rugged, innovative, value-driven products which satisfy the applicable industry standards and meet your customers’ requirements.

Inverom is working with agricultural leaders like Case New Holland, providing ruggedized electronic and electrohydraulic solutions to maximize user experience and machine management.

Inverom has also worked extensively in the automotive industry, where they have partnered with the world’s leading OEMs. Recent highlights include pivotal contributions to the design and engineering of displays and other systems for Tesla and Fisker automobiles.

Prior to Inverom, Roman was the co-founder, president and CEO of Expert Corporation. Under Roman’s leadership, Expert was awarded contracts from GM, Porsche, Hyundai, Kia, Subaru, Chrysler, Mercedes, VW Group, BMW and SAIC.

Pier Paolo Masutto, Engineering Director

“I find it rewarding to help customers that don't have access to companies with automotive experience. Through us, they can achieve results that they otherwise wouldn't be able to.”

Since 2007, Pier Paolo has brought his dynamic management, business savvy and engineering expertise to Inverom, as well as his diverse background as an R&D Engineer and Technical Manager. As an expert in managing project requirements, resources, and deliverables, Pier Paolo is a results-oriented leader with demonstrated success building team environments and empowering his fellow employees.

Prior to Inverom, Pier Paolo's career highlights include his time at Digitek S.p.A., where he worked his way up from software engineer to NA technical manager. While at Digitek S.p.A., Pier Paolo provided technical support to Inverom and managed Digitek's resident engineers — as well as development teams in Europe and North America.

In addition, Pier Paolo's held positions with Aprilia S.p.A., Racing Department, CRP technology and racing motorcycle manufacturer Friba.